Friday, May 6, 2011

Catching Up

So the end of NAIT has come.  After two years I have [hopefully] gotten a diploma in Photographic Technology. It has been four years in total and three institutions and two diplomas under my belt now.  There is a relief about being finished but the question "what do I do now?" lingers.  Although it may take some time to figure this out, I am sure the journey along the way will be a good one.

Our grad show was a success as many people attended and from what I heard enjoyed it a lot.  The venue and music was great and I was excited to see my work hung for the first time on a wall.  I would like to thank everyone who came out to see our work and to those who did not, you can still see the photos at the ARTery until Sunday May 8th.  

Now for the next week I will be traveling through beautiful British Columbia and will be uploading a whole schwack of photos from my trip once I get back.  I will be driving in my '79 Cutlass Supreme with my lady Colleen and visiting relatives along the way.  There will be tons of photo and video opportunities and I hope to share the experience.  

For now so long, I will be back soon.

Playing with Colleen's new extension tubes on my 75-300mm lens in my backyard. This cone was tiny, no bigger than a nickel.

And of course, Peanut Butter. Enjoying the outdoors.

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