Personal Work

I have chosen a few photographs that seem to represent my style at this time.  The selection will change periodically just as I do. Cheers!

This "Fine Art" assignment was one that I really enjoyed.  We took a vote in class on what theme to stick to the project and mine received the majority vote.  However not all the people in our class voted and in actuality it only got maybe five or six but nonetheless it won. 
It has to deal with how objects and places change throughout time.  Time and space is what it was officially called.  I plan to pursue this theme further with landscapes and natural scenes that change throughout the seasons.  I will pick a returnable space where I can recreate each shot exactly.  This series of dafodils was the trial. I kept as much control over the setting as possible.  Using white matte board and masking tape I set up a small studio that could easily be torn down as it was set up on my kitchen counter.
I will keep you up to date on any more of these projects in my blog.

Last fall I spent an afternoon in the River Valley by the University.  As Colleen was busy with a portrait session, I occupied myself by turning my attention to the different plants and trees around us.  I found it interesting how every plant reacted differently to the cold as winter was approaching us.  The changes could be seen in the leaves of each individual plant.  My favorite has to be the green and grey leaf, as if the colour was being sucked out of it.