About Me

My name is Garrett Key and I hail from the small town of Slave Lake.  Most of my inspiration has come from growing up in Northern Alberta surrounded by green trees, fields and blue water.  I have since then moved to Alberta's capital city and have attended three different post secondary institutions.  Most recently I will be completing my second year of Photographic Technology at NAIT.  It has been an informative experience that has left me with mixed feelings about photography.  Focusing mainly on fine art and nature, my style does not fit in to what is being taught.  However I have learned a great deal of technical quality that I will take with me and apply it to my future projects.

As mentioned above, I get inspiration from where I grew up but also from movies, music and the special people in my life (C.)  I strive to see things in a new way and try to record these discoveries through photography.  This is where my strong interest in macro photography comes from.  Using the lens as a tool to see a world that is ordinarily invisible to the naked eye.

This page is dedicated to showcasing my fine art and nature photography, prints can be made available and sent by mail.  If you are interested, please contact me via email at key.garrett@gmail.com.
Thank you.